Smash RX LLC |2380 Shasta Way Suite CSimi ValleyCA93065 | (717) 527-6274
Smash RX LLC
2380 Shasta Way Suite C
Simi ValleyCA 93065
 (717) 527-6274
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Our Services

item imageCorporate Bookings for Smash Therapy
item imageRage Room & Destruction Therapy
item imageTherapeutic Counseling

Therapeutic rage room
in Simi Valley, CA

Imagine being so angry or frustrated, and all you want to do is to hit or
smash something, but you are consistently being told to “relax; it’s not that
serious; quit being so dramatic.”

Now imagine there is a place where you can go and smash cabinets, break
glasses, and destroy tables without consequences or judgment.
Smash RX was founded as the first and only rage room to incorporate a
therapeutic aspect. Our first encounter with a rage room inspired a need to
incorporate its power into the therapeutic process. Smash RX’s goal is to make
destruction therapy a clinical-approved alternative intervention to talk
therapy. The clinical world has yoga, equine therapy, dance therapy, and even
sun therapy. It is time for the clinical community to embrace the holistic
benefits of destruction therapy.

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We're located in Simi Valley, CA.

Less Talk, More Smash

Smash RX was born out of the revolutionary idea to create a healthy outlet
where people could go to express themselves without judgment and very
few regulations. We are built as the perfect environment for people to channel
their energy and take out their frustration without the worry of consequences.
We are literally breaking down barriers and misconceptions
surrounding mental health.

Our services expand beyond just rage room amenities to include traditional
outpatient mental health services, group therapy, and corporate wellness. We
serve individuals, groups, corporates, and small businesses.
Our mental health services focus on building hope in a positive and
nourishing manner with the goal of assisting clients in the areas of symptom
management and coping strategies that can be transferred to everyday life.
Destructive therapy has a benefit in the corporate world to improve team
connections, reduce absenteeism, improve performance, and reduce
turnover. Our corporate wellness program has served businesses such as
Chik-Fil-A, CBC Federal Credit Union, and Churches of Christ.

Our Services:

•Destruction therapy
•Recreational Smash sessions
•Corporate wellness
•Outpatient mental health services that service
individuals, families, and couples
•Stress and anxiety management workshops - Group therapy can act
as a support network and unique sounding board

Feel Free Fridays

feel free fridays




"My son and his college roommates went on opening day, and they had so much fun! Wonderful staff, a great workout, and a very innovative experience. Thank you!" -- Darci S.

"We've just found our new Christmas family tradition! We just did our first Smash Rx with my nieces and nephew and my daughter, and what a way to get it all out! Yashica was absolutely adorable and excited for our first experience! We left there sweaty, revived, and with huge smiles!" -- Audrey L.

Discover Destruction Therapy

Not your average visit to the shrink, so ditch the couch, grab a sledgehammer and smash your way into healing. We're located at 2380 Shasta Way in Simi Valley. Visit to book your session today.

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    Business Hours:

    Sunday       1:00 PM –   7:00 PM Smash Sessions
    Tuesday      9:00 AM –   6:00 PM (Therapy Appts ONLY)
    Wednesday   9:00 AM –   6:00 PM (Therapy Appts ONLY)
    Thursday      3:00 PM –   9:00 PM Smash Sessions
    Friday         11:00 AM –  9:00 PM Smash Sessions
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